Researchers who wish to publish materials from our collections are required to request permission in advance. Here's how.



  1. Browse our Stock Licensing Archive Site.  If your image or film is listed here, follow the checkout procedures.
  2. Or, fill out the online Request for Permission to Publish form. Detail exactly the content you wish to license.
  3. You may download our Fee Schedule for Moving Images.
  4. We'll send you a Licensing Agreement and invoice detailing the rights you request. Sign and ...
  5. Publish!



All requests to publish, exhibit or redistribute (hereafter "publish" or "publication") materials reproduced from our collections must be submitted in writing to the Archive Manager, Bob Mizer Foundation well in advance of publication. The Foundation reserves the right to extend or withhold permission to publish reproductions of its physical and intellectual property. 

Keep in mind that physical ownership of a photograph does not include the right to publicly exhibit or use our trademarks and  intellectual property without exclusive pre-arrangement.


Click here to access the Request for Permission to Publish form. Click here to email the Foundation with questions regarding permissions. 


Unauthorized reproduction in print or on any website of any image by Bob Mizer or Athletic Model Guild will result in a fee three times the fair-market value for authorized use, and could result in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. This applies to web and print use, including editorial and academic use (such as a journal, book, or website).




An image use fee is charged for any one time, one edition, commercial use of the physical property of our photographs. These uses may include but are not limited to publication in textbooks, academic journals, websites, newspapers,  popular press, motion pictures, television advertisements,  or other commercial ephemera (posters, brochures). A fee of $500.00 is charged for multiple use of a single edition, including multiple broadcasts or screenings, or various language editions of the same work.




Bob Mizer Foundation's’ stock footage library contains film sequences from decades of physique history. Although the bulk of the footage represents Mizer's own work under his studio Athletic Model Guild, we also have moving image documentation from other physique photographers that Mizer collected or from recent donations. Much of this twentieth century footage is unique and can be found nowhere else. 


Our stock footage library continues to grow as a result of thousands of hours of specialized work. The materials we acquire need to be stabilized, organized and cataloged in order to gain access and knowledge of their content. The original materials are kept in a climate-controlled environment, housed in archival containers and eventually transferred to digital mediums. When you use our services, you contribute to the preservation of our collective culture and history. Profits from the stock footage sales support the ongoing task of preserving, cataloging, exhibiting and storing BMF's numerous moving image collections for people today and into the future. Our customers range from Hollywood producers to cable channel documentaries to private academic scholars. 


BMF Stock Footage Policies Research: 

Before any BMF research or set up is started, the filmmaker must fill out a form that includes an abstract of the film/project that is being created, a request for the type of sequences you are looking for, and (if they exist) the time code samples you would like from BMF's website. (This form can be downloaded from the BMF site). The streaming stock footage clips from our website should not be considered exhaustive of our holdings. We are constantly identifying and uploading new footage to our website, but films continually arrive at the archive and not all footage can be displayed immediately. 


Any further research by BMF staff will be billed at $50/hr resulting in a DVD screener. If a producer/researcher is unsure if we have the type of material she/he is seeking, BMF will post up to three streaming sequences at a private portal so that the producer feels comfortable with the material they might get from BMF. The Foundation also welcomes producers to come on-site to search the database with BMF staff in order to come face-to-face with the staff and material. This will be billed at $50/hr as well. 


Access and Licensing Fees: 

Although BMF holds the copyrights to 100% of films created by Bob Mizer, and approximately 95% of films by other filmmakers, the ownership of the rights to some footage is unknown. Some donated footage comes from found or orphaned films that have no discernable credits, and some footage may have been produced by companies that no longer exist. In all cases, the fees that BMF charges help to recover the heavy costs of storing, organizing, cataloging and sustaining the original footage for filmmakers. 


Set Up Charge:  $50/hr (This includes research, screener set up, and licensing set up)


License Fee Schedule for Moving Images

[for a complete schedule and conditions, please download our PDFs:

License Fee Schedule for Moving Images

Terms & Conditions for Moving Images




The Foundation requires that any authorized publication, exhibition or redistribution of reproductions of its physical property by accompanied by a proper citation to its source. Presentation of images in web pages, multimedia, print or television must be accompanied by a cutline citation to Bob Mizer Foundation, preferably in close proximity to the image. Materials appearing in scholarly work must be accompanied by full citations with call number and collection title in addition to the cutline citation form above (e.g. BMF 82309, Mizer Archival Materials Collection, Bob Mizer Foundation).




Hi-resolution images are provided in digital format by email or through access to a dropbox folder. Image files are originals from an original negative or transparency scan. They have not been cropped, color-corrected, or otherwise modified, to permit clients complete control over these decisions (such as color-correcting for their printing equipment). If you want an image modified (cropped or color-corrected) prior to delivery, please detail your requirements in advance. For use on the web, TV, or CD-ROM, lower-resolution files are provided. These are identical. For all other use, the highest resolution file available will be provided. Licensing may be canceled up to 30 days from the invoice date, but if the images have already been provided there will be a fee of $25.00 per high-resolution file that has been provided. Fees for unauthorized use are triple the fair-market rate for authorized use (consistent with other stock photo services). Invoices are provided by email as pdf files. Image use is authorized by our licensing agreement, and a permission statement on the invoice.

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