Photography & Fine Art Collection

a unique resource of the world of physical culture


Of course, the photography collection is the backbone of our institution. The collections contain approximately 1,000,000 photographs from dozens of artists and across several categories.

Fine Art

The Bob Mizer Foundation holds hundreds of two- and three-dimensional works of art from around the world, including etchings, lithographs, drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Tom of Finland, Spartucus, Harry Bush, Etienne are just a few of the distinguished artists represented in the collection.


Objects in this category illustrate a behind the scenes of a working physique photo studio. Materials range from Mizer’s studio wardrobe and props, to marketing materials, cameras, and darkroom notes.

The Bob Mizer Foundation's extensive collection of physique photography and fine art documents decades of gay history and the commercialization of eroticism from around the world. The Foundation's in-house gallery frequently showcases selected works from our archives, while more recent exhibitions make their way across the country on the traveling circuit.

Limited Edition Gallery Prints

We are committed to the photographic process and deeply invested in traditional, black and white printing.

The Bob Mizer Foundation is represented through the Foundation’s gallery: Invisible-Exports in New York City