Film & Video Collection

The Bob Mizer Foundation currently has a collection of approximately 8000 preserved reels of film, including 3000 different Mizer film titles. Original Film reels that were shown at Los Angeles Park Theatre at the advent of the legality of male nudity are among these. It also houses the entire output of the artist’s work in video comprised of over 3500 videotapes. It would take nearly a full year of watching them nonstop to see all this material.

THE LEGACY Mizer left behind

The film and video collection is crucial to understanding the artist Bob Mizer. From the time he obtained his first film camera in 1953 until his death in 1992, Mizer actively explored the moving image, creating epic films, quick posing shorts, and early erotic films which played in city moviehouses. His films and video capture the rich and raw texture of the fertile cultural milieu, in which he lived and worked.

In 2010, upon receiving ownership of the rights to Bob Mizer's entire film and video work, the The Bob Mizer Foundation was granted the opportunity and responsibility of presenting this permanent collection of Bob Mizer's work in the most authoritative and accessible manner possible, for both general and scholarly audiences. The foundation exhibits his film and video work on a regular basis in its gallery. Films are also available for viewing for research purposes at the Foundation by appointment.

The Bob Mizer Foundation controls the copyright to Bob Mizer's film and video works. Anyone wishing to license excerpts for inclusion in film or video productions or images for publication should contact us.

Film Compilations the americana collection

The Bob Mizer Foundation is restoring and remastering Mizer's film work, and making them available to the public in compilations called the Americana Collection. Here is a sample preview of a collection of films from the few years made at the dawn of legal male nudity.

STRIP POKER, AMG film #S-23, 8mm $8, 16mm $12. A trio of hoods having a poker game are interrupted by another rough pair who come up on a cycle, upsetting the game. They join in and are caught cheating which is the corpus delecti required for a full fledged brawl. Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial, November 1962
COP & THE PURSE SNATCHER 8mm $10, 16mm $14. Dressed as a fetching blond, the rugged motorcycle cop coyly flirts with the young hood who happens along. Sure enough the hood tries to steal the purse, but of course righteousness triumphs and the hood his punished, and is left turned. Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial, November 1962
On your right a scene from the abortive AMG Film: THE VIRTUOUS ATHLETE. This film could have been so much, and yet it turned out to be so poor for several reasons. One cannot escape the fact that "muscle boys" just aren't easy to work with. Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial, October 1963
HOW TO MAKE AN ATHLETE. This is another example of making up a plot to fit the models & background available at the time. Sometimes we even have to include one model we are not especially enthused with in order to get another fellow we do wish to use. Considering all these "problems" don't you agree that we could do a lot worse than we do? Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial, October 1964