June 22, 2016

It’s Raining Men: Two volumes and two decades of top physique models...

Review: 'The Male Form in Motion' combines action, Mizer's trademark whimsy

June 17, 2016

There’s just something about the title of The Bob Mizer Foundation’s latest DVD compilation, “The Male Form in Motion: 19 Films for Artistic Study.” By now, if you’ve studied Mizer, you’re aware that his earlier works were......

FOCUS ON : Photographer Korey Watkins

April 06, 2016

The Bob Mizer Foundation is dedicated to recognizing and promoting artists from all walks of life and in all disciplines, and we place a special emphasis on experimental photographers. If you know of any photographers or artists who might......

Artist's illustrations breathe life into taboo desires

December 01, 2015

While his mainstream counterparts in the art world were being trained in some of the world’s finest art institutes and honing their craft in sterile classrooms among the rigidity of academia, the erotic artist known as Rex received his......


July 27, 2015

Thanks NARCISSUS MAGAZINE for a GREAT review of the film restoration work we do at the THE BOB MIZER FOUNDATION FILM ARCHIVE!...

Foundation’s new DVD traces male films, photography in years preceding top court’s obscenity ruling

April 22, 2015

It’s nudity, but is it art? The U.S. Supreme Court deemed the question irrelevant with its legalization of sexual nudity in April 1968. But in the years leading up to the ruling, the representation of the male form in media had to have......

Happy Birthday Bob!

March 27, 2015

Bob Mizer, the reach of your message and talents is spreading further than you might have ever imagined in your lifetime. Your work and vision now transcends far beyond the gay community that you helped to create 65 years ago, and......

AMG Classics wins 2010 GayVN award!

October 01, 2010

AMG Classics wins 2010 GayVN award! The 2010 GayVN Award for Best Genre Website was presented to Athletic Model Guild for AthleticModelGuild.com this past Friday in San Francisco. We would like to thank the GayVN......

New Recruit Hardcore Trailer

July 22, 2010

It’s here!  We’re happy to splash a little seamen your way in the new Story Film Classics: New Recruit trailer.  Click through to the trailer ......

AMG Plays War Games with New Recruit

May 21, 2010

From the time WWII ended in 1945 (coincidentally the same year Bob Mizer founded AMG) California’s coast played host to some of the sexiest, surliest veterans of foreign wars ever to have defended our fine country. Many of these......

Update: Apple Tests Virtual Chastity Belt – Declares War on Hot Bods

March 03, 2010

Last week we reported that Apple still sucks, what we didn’t know at the time is, they double suck. That is, Apple’s sweep of “sexually explicit” content – AMG’s Brasil Boys and Beefcake! apps included......

Apple Tests Virtual Chastity Belt – Declares War on Hot Bods

February 23, 2010

In a polarizing sweep that should surprise no one, the cleanest name in computing, Apple, has reportedly dumped nearly 5 thousand apps from the iTunes store, leaving smut peddlers everywhere scratching their heads. One such smut dealer is......

Revenge of Triton, 1950s Full Color Stunner

December 04, 2009

In “Revenge of Triton” John Krivos plays an angry Greek God come to exact revenge on a pair of unsuspecting bathing beauties. This super spectacular color extravaganza is a rare glimpse at Bob Mizer’s......

Charley Charmaign and Friends

April 28, 2009

One of the few hardcore films produced at AMG, and discovered after Bob Mizer’s death, Charley Charmaign and Friends is about as explicit as a Mizer film gets. There’s sucking, fucking, rimming, and even group sex, but......

Taschen Debuts Tom of Finland XXL

April 07, 2009

As you might already know, Touko Laaksonen, otherwise known as Tom of Finland, got his start in the pages of Physique Pictorial, way back in 1956 – Bob Mizer even gave him his name, discarding Touko for the Americanized, Tom. Well,......

Bob Mizer’s Guest Album in Paco & Manolo’s Kink

February 25, 2009

A new issue of Spanish super-duo Paco & Manolo’s photographic survey, Kink, is now available for purchase. Like the previous nine editions, this first volume of 2009 is an impeccably designed salute to the male form, but unlike......

Cowboy Virgin Wins Best Mind Fuck, Hard Choice Award

February 24, 2009

Onan the Vulgarian, XX Factor’s prolific smut surveyor, just released the 2008 Hard Choice Awards, and one of our more obscure offerings seems to have caught Onan’s eye. We’re not sure if ‘Best Mind Fuck’ is a new......

Wrestling Live DVDs, Rare Glimpse at Mizer in the 80s

July 30, 2008

If you haven’t already heard, we just released two of the hottest nude wrestling DVDs ever produced. Not only are they super sexy, but they’re also super rare. (Most of Bob Mizer’s work from this period was never published or......

New Remasters Get Down and Dirty

June 03, 2008

It’s been a bit since we released an AMG classics DVD, but we’re coming back in full force. Right now, you can order both Wresting Live 23 and Wrestling Live 25 for the low price of $39.95 each. That’s a pre-order......