AMG Model Ross Judd: My six gun in my hand, my pistol in my pants

September 05, 2015

A follower asks about model Ross Judd, who also used the names Ramon Gabron and Rod Stiver. Ross Judd was born on September 15, 1950 in Port Angeles, Washington, where he was a logger. He was first photographed in 1969 by a......

Volunteer Spotlight - Devin Baker

August 02, 2015

Each month in this newsletter, we hope to spotlight one of our volunteers both onsite and offsite.This month, meet Devin Baker of San Jose....

Physique Pictorial, The Disco Years

April 23, 2010

Porn, cocaine and disco – these mainstays of the 1970s had America horny, hyper and ready to dance. And while they may have collectively peaked nearly 40 years ago, their influence is still evident today. Take Lady Gaga for example, or,......

Vintage Man of the Month: Ramon Gabron

November 07, 2008

This month we celebrate Ramon Gabron’s (aka Ross Judd Jr.) glorious globes. Seriously, the first time we saw Ramon’s rump we couldn’t stop fixating on his perfectly round cheeks. He’s got one of those asses that makes mouths......

To All the Boys We've Loved Before: Foundation staff members discuss their favorite models

December 06, 2016

The difference between a mere appreciation of a Bob Mizer model and one that catches your eye every time you see him splashed across a page is all in the details....