Warhol films celebrated beauty of the mundane

March 01, 2016

At the same time photographer and filmmaker Bob Mizer’s empire expanded and embraced nudity in front of the lens at his L.A. compound, on the other side of the country, pop artist Andy Warhol’s fame also grew. Next year will mark the......

Little Joe: 50 Years Later

September 18, 2015

Before Al Pacino portrayed a junkie in The Panic in Needle Park--and then a man in a relationship with a trans woman in Dog Day Afternoon--there was Joe Dallesandro, in Trash. Before Jon Voight played a male hustler......


April 04, 2015

Bob Mizer's captivating representation of 'bad boys' like bikers and hoodlums are a staple of his work -- but he was just as well known for his photographic portrayal of that traditional hero of Americana, the cowboy.Now, the Mizer......

Bob Mizer on: Joe Dallesandro

December 07, 2009

“He listed his occupation as “short order cook,” said he was also a dishwasher, and his greatest ambition was to own his own Italian restaurant.”  Physique Pictorial July 1975...

Vintage Man of the Month: Joe Dallesandro (Nude)

March 05, 2009

Probably AMG’s most famous model, next to Govenator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Dallesandro was a gay icon long before he showed up at Andy Warhol’s Factory. Theses early nudes of Little Joe display his compact......

Joe Dallesandro Wins Teddy at Berlin International Film Festival

February 18, 2009

Yes the Germans are kinky, but not even the Germans would try to pass off a piece of lingerie as an award. No, the teddy in question here is a little golden statuette of a bear. The man immortalized as Little Joe in Lou Reed’s......

Setting the record straight on 'Beefcake'

November 29, 2016

There's plenty to enjoy about the very first full-length film about Bob Mizer -- but there's plenty of misinformation to address, too. Loyal followers and supporters of the Bob Mizer Foundation are likely familiar with......

Physique Pictorial was a visual feast -- with a message

May 16, 2017

If the first issue of the upcoming Physique Pictorial relaunch is your introduction to Bob Mizer’s pocket-sized ode to beefcake, don’t worry – it’s never too late to learn about the history behind one of male physique......

Artists' works brought masculinity out in full color

May 23, 2017

In the same way that Bob Mizer was known for his use of props and costumes in his still images and films, so too are French duo Pierre Commoy and Gilles Blanchard revered for their use of color, religious and mythical iconography,......

Mizer promoted, marketed AMG in a variety of ways

August 01, 2017

By the time Bob Mizer died in 1992, the Internet was still an extremely new technology to private citizens. Though he was unable to take advantage of the websites, blogs, e-mail blasts, and social media that so many take for granted today,......

Before he was the 'Governator,' Arnold posed for Mizer

October 17, 2017

Before he traveled through time to save the world, before he became the most powerful man in California, Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger was front and center during photo shoots for some of the world’s most recognized male......