Meet our new social media manager, John Tuite

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Meet our new social media manager, John Tuite

The Bob Mizer Foundation is proud to introduce its new social media manager and editorial intern, John Tuite, a longtime model, fashion-industry guru and artist who will be an integral part in helping us shape future editions of Physique Pictorial. 

A one-time college dropout, John worked as a male model in New York City for six years before finishing his Bachelor's degree at Columbia University. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he continues to work in fashion behind the scenes. John is 6'1" and is an Aquarius. He is an aspiring photographer and writer. 

John's favorite musical artists include Chet Baker, Franz Schubert, Maluma, and Azealia Banks.

We had a chance to sit down with John and ask him about his vision for our Foundation, the very real threat of censorship, and more: 

What goals do you have for the Foundation's in your new role with us?

My goal is to build relationships with artists and models who embody the ethos of Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial, and the Athletic Model Guild in the present day. 

Do you have a favorite period of Mizer's work? What interests you about him?

I'm particularly interested in Mizer's work as a filmmaker—Like all of his work, I enjoy the way he engages with the archetypes of male beauty and desirability. 

The threat of censorship continues to loom over groups like ours and artists like Bob Mizer. How can we combat this threat, and why is it critical that we do so? 

Artistic censorship in any form is fundamentally menacing, and the crusade of deplatforming groups like the Bob Mizer Foundation is no exception. It's up to the online public to remain vigilant against content cleansing and the threat posed by techno-conglomerates against intellectual freedom. 

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Have to say that I can’t get enough of 2019 Justin Bieber. His style reminds me of the hot guys I used to see on the beach when I lived in Florida. 

You can check out John's Instagram account at @johnctuite.