Which AMG model are you?

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Which AMG model are you?

The response to our first three volumes of the long-awaited Physique Pictorial relaunch has been incredible, and many of our readers have told us that a favorite feature is the inclusion of never-before-seen images of vintage AMG models. 

Each vintage model appearing in each of our first three volumes is different in his own way, both in appearance and in personality. We'd like to think you connect with one of them, but which stud mirrors your own personality? 

John Apache (Vol. 42): A consummate rebel, John Apache, who first appeared in Physique Pictorial in January 1974, is also a favorite of many of us who work here at the Foundation. He was obviously a favorite of Bob Mizer's as well -- Mizer took many photos of the model inside his own living quarters, an area to which only a few lucky hunks were introduced. Truly, Apache was one of Mizer's "favorite misfits."

If you identify with John Apache, you likely are someone who has always been someone on the fringes of society (Apache, in fact, shares a name with an infamous bank robber, so his rebellious spirit may come as no surprise). You're ooze attitude and confidence. You're outspoken and opinionated, but underneath that, you're also friendly, approachable, and affable. 

In addition to Vol. 42, John Apache also makes appearances in DVD compilations sold in our online store, as well as in clips on our streaming video site. 

Jim Paris (Vol. 43): There is perhaps no polar opposite to John Apache than Jim Paris, a mainstay in Physique Pictorial throughout the 1950s. One of Mizer's youngest models, Paris had a youthful demeanor to match his cherubic looks. 

Like Apache, Paris loved the camera, but that was likely where their similarities ended (At only 5'6" and 125 pounds, Paris looked and acted like the type of kid that a tougher version of Apache might beat up in a schoolyard scuffle. 

Mizer famously referred to Paris as a "spoiled beauty' who was only 17 when he first posed for AMG in 1964 (he originally lied and told Mizer he was a year older). According to a 2016 Foundation article, Paris served a tour of duty in Vietnam and came back "unrecognizable," having gained muscle and a hardened face in place of his diminutive body and impish grin. Paris appeared in Physique Pictorial multiple times within 15 years, as well as 11 of Mizer's short films. 

If you're more of a Jim Paris type, you have a knack for being fun, outgoing, and the life of your social circle. You might not be known as a hard worker (actually, you might be more of a dreamer), but dull moments are few and far between when you're around. Some colleagues and friends might call you demanding, but your boyish charm, your good looks, and your unending thirst for the spotlight ensure you will be remembered by all around you. 

Richard DuBois (Vol. 44): Our most recent vintage model, Richard DuBois, was in high demand throughout the 1950s. The former Mr. America could be seen in nearly all of the male physique magazines of the day. He appeared in Physique Pictorial nine times, and when he wasn't showing off his classic good looks in any number of poses, DuBois, who went on to be named Mr. USA in 1957, was acting (his secondary passion). DuBois was one of the few AMG models who made the leap from male physique magazines to the silver screen, appearing in the 1954 film "Athena" alongside Debbie Reynolds. 

A lifelong learner, DuBois began a serious study of philosophy in the late 1950s and eventually made a career in Evangelical ministry. He worked as a pastor for the remainder of his career before dying in 2007.

If you're someone who is more of a Richard DuBois type, you're someone who excels at your chosen profession and makes it all look easy -- but you've always longed for something more. You're insightful, intelligent, and always want to know more about human behavior and the world around you. Your pursuits aren't ones of fame or notoriety, but of personal enrichment and fulfillment, regardless of where it is found. 

We at the Foundation carefully select each vintage model for each volume of Physique Pictorial, ensuring diversity of personality types, physical appearance, and more. However, we'd most like to hear from you -- which AMG models most resonate with you and why? Comment and give us your feedback. It's one way we can make our printed product even better.