WANTED: the bad boys of AMG - Don Matney

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WANTED: the bad boys of AMG - Don Matney

This week - Don Matney

“persona non grata for repeatedly housebreaking, breaking down doors of a house where he was no longer welcome, making it necessary to have a warrant issued against him (all while drunk which we do not consider a good excuse.”  Bob Mizer - Physique Pictorial, Volume 14.1

Smiling faces. Glistening bodies. Loaded posing pouches. Bob Mizer’s camera turned common boys into stars.

But life at AMG wasn’t always idyllic. Some of those stars were “trade”. Some were AWOL. Some were petty criminals. Occasionally, in return for his generosity, Bob was robbed or assaulted and his property damaged.

Bob listed those offenses and many others in Physique Pictorial. Even the subjective character symbols next to certain models’ photos included “physically dangerous”, “petty thief” and “criminally inclined”.

Every other Friday we’ll feature “WANTED:”, an article about a model and his subsequent downfall in Bob’s own words.