Physique Pictorial #43 ships next month. Here's what's inside...

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Physique Pictorial #43 ships next month. Here's what's inside...

Our winter issue of Physique Pictorial is hot off the presses and ready to ship at the beginning of next month. 

We're thrilled by the response to our inaugural issue, which featured glimpses at male physique models from both the contemporary era and from yesteryear. We're taking our relaunch a step further with issue #43 and adding many glorious images and spreads in full color. We think you'll be pretty stoked about what lies within the pages of the winter issue. 

Spoiled, but a beauty nonetheless

Our Mizer model for this issue is the captivating Jim Paris, who consistently ranks as a favorite among AMG aficionados. Paris first met Mizer as a teen in early 1964 and quickly became one of AMG's most popular models throughout the 1960s. Originally from Cape Kennedy, Florida, the diminutive Paris (he only stood 5'6") waited tables when he wasn't posing for Mizer. appeared throughout the pages of Physique Pictorial until the late 1970s; in between, he served two tours of duty in Vietnam before returning home and working as an auto mechanic. Mizer famously referred to Paris as a 'conceited, spoiled beauty' who 'despised real work.' Read more about Paris here, and don't forget to treat yourself to "The Complete Jim Paris" from our Americana Collection. 

'Asian male body gods have arrived'

Even though Physique Pictorial featured Asian models, their appearances were few and far between. In this issue, we chat with photographer Norm Yip, whose Asian Male Project seeks to shatter stereotypes of the Asian male as passive and feminized. Yip's photos put Asian beefcake at front and center, heralding a new age of 'Asian male body gods,' in Yip's words. "Asian men have caught on and found that they can be attractive and beautiful to others," Yip says in his interview. "Many Asian guys have amassed huge followings, and with it, they are able to create the desire in others." 

Mike Scott portfolio

Mizer and male physique photographer Mike Scott share many similarities. Both, for instance, were born in the same year, both took photos of models John Davidson and Jim Paris, and both believed in admiring the work of other beefcake photographers, not competing with them. Scott could often be seen at Mizer's compound, shooting whatever life and activities he saw. Now, for the first time, Scott's photos can be seen by the public, and only in issue #43 of Physique Pictorial. We think you'll enjoy a handsome portfolio of Scott's works. 

There is still time to order your copy

You also won't want to miss part 2 of our "Sailors" series, how photographer Terry Smith is starting a tantalizing 'youthquake' in his work and in the art world, and much more. Haven't snagged your copy of issue #43? Don't worry! Order yours at the Foundation's online store. Or, even better, why not buy two and give one as a gift? The magazines will ship around the first week of December. Thank you for all of your support, and we hope you'll enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.