Reed Phippen – Handsome Slave Master

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Reed Phippen – Handsome Slave Master

Kenneth Reed Phippen was born in 1937 in Logan, Utah.  He was the only son in a family of four children. The family moved to Kaysville, on the shores of the Great Salt Lake before he entered high school. In high school he joined the wrestling team and played football for the Davis High Darts as a 155 pound end.  

After high school, Reed attended Brigham Young University for two years, studying Physical Education and Teaching. While in college he participated in body building competitions, most notably the 1956 Mr. Utah Senior competition, which he lost to another soon to be well-known physique model, Mike Sill, when he was only 19 years old. (He did win best arms and abs in that contest.) He left college after two years to join his family in San Bernardino, California.

“As a whole, physique models are not the most dependable people.” - Bob Mizer

Reed Phippen

Reed was in Cuba on a Mormon mission when the government there was overthrown in January 1959. He returned to the United States in February and a little over two weeks later showed up at the AMG studio. He posed for Bob Mizer between March and August 1959, appearing in sessions with Larry Marrianan, John Krivos and later with Paul Duda.  

In addition to posing he appeared in two films, Better Late than Never with Paul Campton, and the well-known Slave Market with Ray Fowle, Don O’Connell and Andy Martin. Slave Market was almost not completed after Reed objected to the low pay and refused to return to the set, which directly resulted in an oft-quoted Mizer-ism, “As a whole, physique models are not the most dependable people.” That’s also probably why he was never a featured model in Physique Pictorial even though more than 100 beautiful photographs of him exist in the collection.

Reed Phippen

When Slave Market was filmed, Reed was 21 years old, 5’9”, 165 pounds with a 29 inch waist and 16 inch arms.  At this time he was also posing for other physique photographers, including a very well-known series of nudes by Dave Martin.  

Sometime in the early 1960s he started using the name Guy Reed, perhaps in pursuit of an acting career, but we couldn’t find any credited work.  

Ultimately he left Los Angeles for the high desert.  He moved to Palm Springs where he operated a successful building construction business for almost 18 years.  However, his health declined due to a heart condition and Parkinson’s disease rather early in life and he passed away in 1995 at age 57 of a heart attack in Yucca Valley, California.

Reed Phippen was certainly one of the most handsome models at AMG. What a smile! Additional photos in the following gallery, including some high school and college images. Hover over the image below and scroll horizontally to see all of the images.