Bobby Kropp, Marine to Model

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Bobby Kropp, Marine to Model

AMG model Bobby Kropp was born in Fresno, California in 1957 and was one of a set of twin boys.  He was fresh out of the Marines when he posed before Bob Mizer’s cameras in late 1978.  Although there were nearly 400 solo photos taken of him over a couple months, his best known photos are about two dozen poses in a dual set with another AMG favorite, Tico Patterson.  Some of these were published in Physique | A Pictorial History of the Athletic Model Guild He was in a solo film which appeared in the compilation Nude Posing Potpourri 4, but only appeared in Physique Pictorial once and was never a featured model in the magazine.

Bobby Kropp

Bobby also posed for photographer Mel Roberts before AMG.  His photos appear in both books about Roberts’ work.  After posing for AMG he had a short adult film career with Nova Studios under the stage name of Les Harmon. Like so many of our models, Bobby Kropp eventually settled down and left this aspect of his life far behind.

We hope you enjoy the gallery of his photos.  As always, we appreciate your suggestions for articles about AMG models.

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