Volunteer Spotlight - Keith Foote

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Volunteer Spotlight - Keith Foote

Each month in this newsletter, we hope to spotlight one of our volunteers both onsite and offsite.

This month, meet Keith Foote of San Francisco.

Foundation: What’s your name and where are you located? 

Keith: My name is Keith Foote and I live in San Francisco.  

Foundation: How do you contribute to the Bob Mizer Foundation? 

Keith:  I usually spend six hours a week at the Foundation and probably spend more hours than that during the week doing offsite Foundation work. I enjoy working with the Foundation and am happy to donate all of the time that I can to keep our many projects moving forward.  Projects I've worked on include cataloging the film collection, cataloging the catalog board collection, identifying unidentified models, sorting clothes and props from the films for the NYU show, sorting and photographing the 4x5 negative collection, cataloging 35mm transparencies and, now, researching model histories for the Stump Keith newsletter column. (Be sure to send in your model info requests!)

Foundation: When not volunteering for the foundation, how do you spend your free time? 

Keith:  I'm a vintage B&W photograph collector (physique and many other subjects) so I spend some of my free time searching the world for interesting photos or photo collections.  The rest of my free time I usually spend on my motorcycle riding with friends in the hills around the Bay Area and along the coast of California.

Foundation: Share three of your favorite AMG films. 

Keith:  Only three??  1) I could look at Ray Robirds all day long, so any Ray Robirds' posing films (can you see his scar?) or maybe his film "Baby Doll" with Jim Horn where he's the tough one...  2) Go-Go Sailor is a fun, unusual AMG film - be sure to stay for The End The End…  3) For an AMG classic wrestling film, King and the Revolting Slave is one of Monte Hanson's earliest films...Monte Hanson not so revolting back then....  3+) And Love 2001 is fun - AMGs 1971 vision of what life would be like 30 years later when being straight was abnormal... Bob was a rascal with a sense of humor that I can appreciate.  

Foundation: If you could share an afternoon chat with Bob back in the day, what would you like to know?  

Keith:  1.  I would ask him about his background - his upbringing and his history.  He strikes me as a very social but solitary person.  I see some of the weird things people write about him in their eBay ads that are just folklore.  I think he was a very complex individual and enjoyed not being completely transparent.  

 2.  By all accounts Bob Mizer was a pretty successful entrepreneur.  I would ask, if he hadn't pursued photography, what else would he have pursued.  I bet the answer would be surprising.

 3.  I'd ask him to name his 5 favorite models and hope that I get at least 4 out of 5 correct!