My Buddy, My Buddy, your buddy misses you

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My Buddy, My Buddy, your buddy misses you

Buddies through all the gay days, Buddies when something went wrong; I wait alone through the gray days, Missing your smile and your song. -- Frank Sinatra

Popular AMG model Buddy Ault was born in 1961 in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in suburban Redford where he and his brother were state wrestling champions in high school.  Soon after graduation, with few opportunities in the Detroit area, Buddy moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and eventually ended up at the gate of the AMG compound where he modeled from 1979 through 1982.

Handsome and dark haired, Buddy was one of many models who lived at the compound. Because of his interest and talent as a skilled wrestler, Bob Mizer paired Buddy up with 12 other of AMG's most popular models for numerous wrestling matches. While his popularity as a wrestler is evidenced by the fact that he appears in 1,277 photos with other models, he was also very proud of his body which is displayed in 448 solo Athletic Model Guild photos.

Buddy Ault

When asked in 1981 whether he personally enjoyed doing wrestling films because of his high school wrestling career and success or whether he was just doing it mainly for the money he said that he truly enjoyed wrestling and he learned things from each opponent.  He did acknowledge that the posing fees he got from AMG were allowing him to survive in Los Angeles.  And nude wrestling was no big deal to him - in fact he said he and some of his wrestling buddies in Michigan regularly horsed around wrestling naked and he found it to be a real turn on!  (…or maybe he was just teasing us….)

His acting and posing career at AMG spanned the transition from film to VHS tape.  As a hairy, muscular model, Buddy's sessions were always a treat for his many fans.  Beyond wrestling, he was also an enthusiastic and versatile actor posing as an Indian, motorcycle hood, jail inmate, and locker room jock - some our favorites!

Oddly, as popular as he was on-screen, he was never a featured model in AMG's Physique Pictorials, and we don't know what to read into that except perhaps that he wasn't interested in sharing too many of the details of his personal life. 

Buddy Ault

In the mid 80's Buddy's career took another turn when he became a nude dancer at a popular Los Angeles gay bar.  While there he caught the eye of other male physique photographers which resulted in him modeling both for Aaron Enterprises and MANCO.

In addition to modeling he also enjoyed playing the guitar and drums and was a drummer for a disco band later in the 1980s.

So where is Buddy now?  Wish we could tell you.  He seems to have dropped out of sight in the 1990s.  Like many physique models from that later era, life moved on and many of them left their past in the past.  But he's still an all-time AMG favorite!

Buddy's high school pictures

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