Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob Mizer, the reach of your message and talents is spreading further than you might have ever imagined in your lifetime. Your work and vision now transcends far beyond the gay community that you helped to create 65 years ago, and mainstream America is now turning their heads and taking notice of your accomplishments.

This year, the year you would have turned 93, the supporters, donors, volunteers and friends of the Bob Mizer Foundation have some incredible surprises in store, as we continue to bring your work out of the underground shadow through our unwavering archiving and discovery of your work.

Homeland Nudist Camp

Personally, I am honored to have the opportunity to spend my days insuring that your work is not lost. Thank you for this. 

And we bring you a gift, a new mini-documentary for all the people in the world that you have inspired over your lifetime. See it here now, and thanks to volunteers Art Adams and Devin Baker for their focused work on making this happen! 

Happy Birthday!

Dennis Bell Founder, President Bob Mizer Foundation

The Bob Mizer Foundation Inc. was established in 2010 by photographer Dennis Bell for charitable and educational purposes and as a public non-profit committed to promoting and preserving the works of progressive and controversial photographers. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) Educational Archive, the Bob Mizer Foundation is supported by grants, donations and the contributions made by its devoted members.