Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Look – AMG S/S 2010

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Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Look – AMG S/S 2010

A little over a year ago, we received a request from the illustrious men’s magazine, BUTT, for a set of fully clothed models from the Bob Mizer archives. Spurred on by an interview with Vince Aletti, in which the photo collector/editor revealed his interest in the tamer works of photographers like Mr. Mizer, they were looking to do a “fashion spread” for their winter 2009 edition. The spread, which featured models in everything from fur boots to Gucci t-shirts, never appeared on those pretty pink pages, but it did receive quite the reception when it was posted to the BUTT blog, last spring. As in any good editorial, a few great shots never saw the light of day.

Well, yesterday, while thumbing through AMG’s digital archives, the spread sparked something new in us. You see, as spring begins to creep in, we find ourselves seriously thinking about our summer wardrobes, and as it turns out, we’re not the only ones. After a short survey of friends and family, we’ve discovered that this particular quandary is on the minds of all of our nearest and dearest. So, in order to get those sartorial gears turning, we’ve decided to rehash our favorite outtakes from one of our favorite collaborations of the last year. Herewith are our suggestions for your 2010 summer look.

Enjoy this gallery!

Dwayne Cox

Dwayne Cox is The City Mouse

Pantero Salvadore

Pantero is The Farm Hand

Armando Gonzalez

Armando Gonzalez is The Dare Devil

Pete Kreig

Pete Kreig is The Good Sport

Mad Dog Mains

Mad Dog Mains is The Rough Neck

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is The Ship Mate

Tony Servier

Tony Servier is The Pony Boy

Bucky Trippe

Bucky Trippe is The Wife Beater