Physique Pictorial, The Disco Years

Physique Pictorial, The Disco Years

Porn, cocaine and disco – these mainstays of the 1970s had America horny, hyper and ready to dance. And while they may have collectively peaked nearly 40 years ago, their influence is still evident today. Take Lady Gaga for example, or, well, Lady Gaga. Point is, the 1970s were an influential age. Hell, even Bob Mizer’s Physique Pictorial was drawn in by the disco beat.

In the 1970s, AMG models dressed in tight fitting jeans, wore blow outs, and proudly sported their Johnsons, sans cock sheath. Some models rocked coke nails while at least one went so far as to name himself after his drug of choice – Bobby “Cocaine” Gordon.

It’s been said that when the 80s rolled around, our fine nation woke up with one massive hangover, so let’s salute the 10-year party that came before.

Herewith are our favorite Physique Pictorial covers from the Golden Age of Disco – the 1970s.

Tom of Finland Art

Volume 19, Issue 1 – June, 1971
This full frontal affair by Tom of Finland is only the second of the illustrator’s explicit drawings to make the cover of Physique Pictorial.

Joe Valiant

Volume 20, Issue 1 – December, 1971
Sexy farm hand, Joe Valliant was 20 years old when he posed for Bob Mizer. Interestingly enough, of the 70 photos produced of the young cow poke, not one features him nude, in accordance with his life “philosophy.”

Mad Dog Mains

Volume 24, Issue 1 – January, 1974
Yes, this photo of stud puppy, Mad Dog Mains was taken well before the 1970s, but seeing as we love Mr. Dog so much, we couldn’t pass up another chance to display his bullet-ridden body.

Tom of Finland Art

Volume 25, Issue 1 – May, 1974
It seems the 1970s was Tom of Finland’s decade – at least on the cover of Physique Pictorial. This cover is one of six (of 16 between 1970 and 1979) penned by the illustrator.

Ramon Gabron

Volume 27, Issue 1 – July, 1975
Ramon Gabron. What a fox! Also known as Ross Judd Jr., this magnificent specimen only posed for Bob Mizer a few times, leaving behind a small but impressive portfolio. This shot is also an excellent example of a game-changing period in Mr. Mizer’s career. During the 1970s he began shooting in 35mm color, almost exclusively. The new, quicker and more convenient replication techniques of the time facilitated an increase in production at AMG.

James T. Reid

Volume 31, Issue 1 – August, 1978
Hello, James T. Reid. This 18 year old is the 1970s man personified. Apparently Bob Mizer agreed. He shot 236 35mm color photos and nearly 200 b&w negatives of the Iowa-born model.