Archives & Library

The Bob Mizer Foundation Research Library & Archives

Reference Library

Search thousands of periodicals and books for information relating to physique culture.

Personal Correspondence

Letters from Mizer to various colleagues and friends.

Studio Marketing Files

A vast collection of studio catalogs and marketing materials through the decades.

Master Indices

Concise listings of Mizer's photographs and films. Models too!

Physique Pictorial

The Foundation maintains a complete inventory of Mizer's infamous magazine, including printing files and rare one-of-a-kind issues.

Costumes, Props & Equipment

An immense collection of studio wardrobe, film props and darkroom equipment is preserved at the Foundation.

The archives are part of Mizer's life work and the greatest single collection of ephemera documenting the diverse world in which he was active. The collection consists of over 8,000 cubic feet of material – perhaps nearly four million objects – and functions as an integral part of Bob Mizer Foundation, along with his props, films, video work, diaries, notes, personal records and even graphic art created by his fans.

The Mizer Estate learning the artist's process

Personal Effects

Letter addressed to Bob Mizer postmarked 1956

Early Catalog Board

A handmade index to Mizer's photo catalog

Photography Artifacts

700,000 35mm transparencies are being catalogued and archived

Online Archives Collection will be available in 2017

We are still cataloguing and archiving this vast amount of primary research material, and are filling our collection database with hundreds of thousands of searchable records, all behind the scenes for now.

There are currently over 50,000 accessioned artifacts online from the Bob Mizer Foundation database. Please be aware that this is not nearly the full extent of the collection. The full collection is still being cataloged and photographed. Its real number is over 2,000,000 artifacts. The online database is continually updated as new objects are accessioned to the permanent collection; this project will be updated for some time. 

The keystone of the archives collection is Mizer's photographic work. This nearly complete collection of original transparencies, negatives and moving images, spans a fifty-year period from the mid 1940s to his death in 1992. Mizer shot with virtually every camera and film format known.  The archive consists of over 700,000 35mm slides, 450,000 4x5" black and white negatives, 8000 reels of 16mm and 8mm moving image film works, 200,000 medium format color and B/W negatives, 3000 stereo view color transparencies, and still more.