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The Bob Mizer Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of progressive and controversial photography and believes that the most disputed works of art are the most important to the progress of society.

As a 501(c)3 educational non-profit, our mission is driven by the need to preserve Bob Mizer's archives, which include over two million photographic works, and his equipment, props, sets, and remaining personal effects. In addition, The Foundation holds works by some of Mizer's contemporaries and successors, including George Quaintance, Bruce Bellas, and Dave Martin, and exhibits photographic shows by artists producing works that visually, politically, or otherwise push mainstream societal boundaries.

We intend to spur thought and discussion in our San Francisco institution through protection and exposure of photography that has been discriminated against or otherwise marginalized. Teaching the public and disseminating educational material in relation to photographic artwork created by LGBT artists including, but not limited to, publications, exhibitions, workshops is the heart of our Foundation.

Every donation makes a difference and has a tremendous impact on our work.

Meet the Bob Mizer Foundation what we are up against

Take a few minutes to watch this eleven minute video and learn who Bob Mizer was and what we are up against to preserve his estate.

Big Brother believes it is essential to tell you and me what is suitable for us to read and see—-apparently we lack the his wisdom and discernment and must not attempt to decide such things for ourselves. Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial October 1964
The lower down the social scale we go, the more virulent forms of prejudice are we able to discover, and the more ignorant are the excuses given to justify attitudes often completely lacking in logic. Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial June 1965
Mother’s death created quite a jolt for all of us, though we had all expected it. The first few days found me going into tears several times, but adjustment came quickly—without question I now have tremendously greater time open. Also on a long-range basis I will not be “held down.” Bob Mizer's Personal Journal - September 28, 1964
In addition to outside bathing, colonics and douches for the trunk orifices, have you considered the value of regularly washing the inside of the mouth with a small hose? Bob Mizer, Physique Pictorial Vol. 16, Issue 3, pg. 26
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Our Team

Our volunteer staff helps support our mission, champions to save the life work of Bob Mizer and other pioneers like him, brings awareness to the issues facing the potential loss of this work, provides critical support on stuff like accounting, technology, and HR, and raises money to make all of this happen. We have an appetite for things of the past and we all share a common passion - we love and appreciate Bob Mizer, vintage physique photography, and the pioneers who fought for the rights we take for granted today.

Meet our Team